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Shopping Tour. A tutto Shopping con la tua Personal Shopper Torinese!

Duration: 6 Hour

Location: Turin City Center


149 Euro

10am. or 2pm.





Tutti I Nostri Tour sono Privati Questa Stagione!

In Questa Stagione Estiva, Tutti I Nostri Tour sono Privati, senza costi aggiuntivi.

Shopping Tour: un'esperienza esuberante come la tua personal shopper! Scopri con lei i volti di uno shopping creato su misura per te.

  • Shopping, Best Deals, Relax, Divertimento. Sono solo alcuni degli ingredienti di un'esperienza esuberante e imperdibile a spasso per Torino;
  • Appena ricevuta la tua wish list, provvederemo a realizzare uno shopping itinerary a prova di bomba che ti farà saltare di gioia!
  • Scegli l'orario che preferisci: 10-16 (breakfast e light lunch inclusi); 12-18 (light lunch e aperitivo inclusi);
  • By choosing our Award Winning Tours in Italy you allow yourself to get the most excellent experience. Being unique is part of our service!
  • Questa è l'esperienza ideale da condividere con le tue amiche del cuore, ma è perfetta anche per mamme e figlie!

What to Expect

Shopping Tour: Shop&The City con la tua esuberante Personal Shopper Torinese.

Mood Fun On!

Scegli lo shopping theme della giornata e lasciati guidare dalla tua Personal Shopper Torinese, che avrà preparato per te uno shopping itinerary a prova di bomba: ti farà saltare di gioia!

Alcune Proposte per il Tuo Shopping&The City

(Theme 1) I più interessanti mercati di Torino & Negozi di artigianato (inclusi food shops)

Include un caffè di benvenuto e uno squisito light lunch. Ah, naturalmente qualche dolcezza è d’obbligo. Del resto questa è la tua giornata e devi farti coccolare!

(Theme 2) Luxury Shopping & Boutiques di nicchia

(Theme 3)  Local Ateliers & Luxury Shopping
Questo tema accoglie il meglio dei primi due (sarà difficile scegliere il meglio, visto che è tutto fantastico, ma ci riusciremo!).

Chi  è la tua Mistery Personal Shopper?

Her name is Cecilia, or simply your Star Guide.

She will take you through the whole shopping experience with love and passion for the city of Turin and its beautiful gems.

She is most happy to share local insights, unique stories and tons of suggestions on other activities to join or shops to visit.

In caase you also like to visit other cities, just let her know and she’ll provide you with a helpful list on how to best experience La Dolce Vita.
(‘Cause the love&passion she puts in everything she does shine throughough the entire city).
Cecilia is a super friendly & multi passionate person: she is a personal shopper, an authentic foodie and also a life & travel coach and Event Designer.

Therefore you’ll be benefit from unique insights over your experience with her…

Cosa aspettarsi da questa esperienza 
This Shopping Tour can be totally tailored accordingly to your interests and wishes. Just drop us a mail to share what you are looking for and Cecilia will create the most flawless experience for you and your beloved ones: sure

Look below for some specialties:
– Are you looking to find  the smallest local shops that provide the best service,  highest quality of food products (… and great prices as well)?
– Are you looking for unique clothing, shoes, bags& parfumes boutiques?
– Is it more antique&vintage stuff , books, handmade-jewelry you like to look for?
– Are you a make-up enthusiast or do you have someone at home who adores your shiney looks make up?
– Are you fond of luxury products from some famous Italian high-end brands?
You’re lucky: Your Star Guide got them A-L-L!

The List could go on and on…

That’s why we like to have your wish list as soon as you possibly can, in order to custoize the most memorable experience JUST-FOR-YOU!

We love to show you every corner of Turin, with its magical, secret, hidden spots.

This includes culinary gems and selected range of shops and ateliers that are unique to the city and not mentioned in any tourist guide.

Culinary Pit Stops while you Shop
Since shopping requires a certain amount of calorie investment, Cecilia will take care of your stomach too.

Therefore, you’ll be fed also with some gorgeous and unforgettable foods. You’ll be visiting the homeland of Eataly, the kingdom of the Italian chocolate and the region where the Slow Food Movement and even the aperitivo ritual started…
You would not want to miss the chance to savour our selection of Turin’s best, local specialties!

Again, with Cecilia you are in great hands.

(Cecilia is a food lover and she perfectly knows where to get the best products and share the stories of the brave people behind them. She’ll be more than happy to share her favorite spots with you).

You’ll be treated with an unforgattable breakfast and extra delicious lunch if you choose the morning tour.

You’ll get the chance to try the most unique and refined sweet afternoon snacks over the Merenda Time (Turin’s version of the English Afternoon Tea, starting at 4 ‘o clock) and to experience our must-try aperitivo ritual (starting at 6.30 pm) if you prefer the afternoon tour.
Both experiences allow you to discover why Turin has been nominated for the Master City Of Taste in Italy.

Be aware: we serve generous portions and you’ll probably happily skip dinner in both cases.

The City of Turin
Furthermore, you’ll be amazed by fantastic scenaries and special spots Turin has to offer…It is a very romantic and elegant city with large and precious squares that tell about the very poetic soul of this gorgeous Goddess with many faces.
Imagine yourself being immersed into the beauty of the city with a rich history, full of joy… and the most interesting places to go shopping and savour the local flavour of the Piedmont region.

Are you imagining the scene? Perfect, now stop imagining and start
creating your own Shopping Tour in Turin with your personal Star Guide!

See you soon for some Shop&The City 🙂







(Theme 1) Open Markets & Artisanal Shops

Morning Tour.
Includes a luxury breakfast and a beautiful lunch, placed between having shopping.

(Theme 2) Luxury Shopping & Niche Boutiques

Afternoon/Evening Tour.
Includes refined sweet afternoon snacks (chocolate, pralines, pastries...) and a luxury aperitif (cocktail or wine and mini cold and warm dishes).

(Theme 3) Artisanal Shops & Luxury Shops

A balance combination of the best shops in Turin (cheese&wines shops, chocolate boutiques, souvenir shops, luxury shopping mall...)

Where to Meet

Stabiliremo insieme il punto di incontro, dopo che avrò creato lo shopping itinerary cucito su misura per te.

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