Shopping & Food Tour Turin. Best Deals, Best Meals

Duration: 6 Hour

Location: Turin City Center


149 Euro

10am. or 2pm.





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COVID-19 UPDATE: FOOD TOURS PAUZED (April 30) A discount of 10% on our world-famous Food Tours when our normal schedule resumes

Shopping & Food Tour. If you like to Eat, Shop and make the Best Deals 'This is Your Tour' We know how to get the top quality goods & foods.

  • If your time in Turin is limited, this private 6-hour Shopping & Food Tour makes the most of it.
  • Customize your itinerary to suit your interests. Please let us know your wish lists ahead of time: we love turing your desires into reality
  • Make your own hours: 10 am to 4 pm (breakfast and lunch included); 2 pm to 8 pm (sweet snacks and aperitif included).
  • A lively Private Personal Shopper and knowledgeable Food Expert will make the experience very entertaining and vibrant;
  • By choosing our Award Winning Tours in Italy you allow yourself to get the most excellent experience. Being unique is a part of our service!
  • Receive insights into Turin's history, city of style and culinary gems. A lively storytelling will make your shopping time very pleasent;
  • Enjoy your relaxing time like a tourist, while getting the chance to feel like a local. No touristic traps. Yes Best Shopping Deals!

What to Expect

Shopping & Food Tour – VALENTINE EDITION

We litterally L O V E our guests.

Allow us to treat you with some Extra Portion of Love and Double Stuf of Goodness.

Especially on Valentine’s Day!

Did we say “Day“? No, actually we mean month, Valentine’s month.

Never heard about it? Well, we’ve just invented the extention of the most…LOVEly celebration of the year!

It starts today, 14 th January, and it ends February 15th.

And so… Whether you are single, with your beloved one or visiting the city of Turin with a group of friends & family, this experience is the cutest and most original Valentine’s gift you could receive or get!

Turin + Shopping + Food = LOVE!

Math has never been easier. Don’t you agree?

Real talk, can you figure out something more effective than visiting a charming city such as Turin, while having the best shopping deals and the most delicious food along the way?

But it doesn’t stop here.

You’ll be visiting the most charming and interesting areas of the city in the company of Cecilia, your vibrant Star Guide.

Why Star Guide? ‘Cause the love&passion she places in everything she does shine throughough the entire city 🙂

Cecilia is a super friendly & multi passionate person, a personal shopper and an expert of food studies, therefore you’ll be benefit from unique insights over your experience with her…

Not to mention the tons of suggestions about other activities to join, other shops to visit and other eateries to try during your stay in Turin. (Your Star Guide can provide a helpful list also about several Italian cities, just in case you have planned to experience other slices of La Dolce Vita).

This Shopping & Food Tour can be totally tailored accordingly with your interests and deepest desires.

Just drop us a mail about what you are looking for and Cecilia will create the most flawless experience for you and your beloved. That’s for sure.

Look here for some example of her custom work:

Are you seeking for the smaller, local shops that provide the best service and highest quality of food products (… and great prices as well)?

Your Star Guide got them A-L-L.

Are you looking for unique niche clothing, shoes, bags & parfumes boutiques?

You’re lucky: Your Star Guide got them all too!

Antique & Vintage staff , books, handmade, jewelry, works of art... (of any kind) are your passion?

Can you believe it? She has them all. Again!

The list could go on and on.

That’s why Cecilia needs to have your wishes list as soon as you can, in order to customize your most memorable experience JUST-FOR-YOU.

She knows every corner of Turin, every interesting, magical, secret, hidden spots of it. Including the culinary gems and the special shops&ateliers of the city that don’t belong with any chain.

Anyway, if your desire is to visit some luxury chain shopping, that’s also possible, of course!

Actually, everything is possible, right?

Since shopping requires a certain amount of calorie investment, Cecilia will take care of your stomach too. 

Therefore you’ll be feeded also with gorgeous and unforgattable foods.

You’re visiting the homeland of Eataly ,

the kingdom of the Italian chocolate

the region where the Slow Food Movement

and even The Aperitif

was born…

How could you ever miss the chance to savour the most delicious selection of our best local specialities?

Again, you’re in great hands.

Cecilia is of course a food lover, not just a food expert. She perfectly knows where to get the best foods and the brave people behind them… and she’ll be more than happy to share her favourite spots with you.

You’ll be treated with an unforgattable breakfast and extra delicious lunch if you choose  the morning tour.

You’ll get the chance to try the most unique and refined sweet afternoon snacks over the Merenda Time (Tourinese Version of the English Afternoon Tea, starting at 4 pm) and to experience our must-try Aperitif ritual (starting at 6.30) if you prefer the afternoon tour.

Both the experiences allow you to discover why Torino has been designed as the City Master Of Taste in Italy.

Be aware: we are generous in portions and you’ll probabily be happy to skip dinner in both cases 🙂

Furthermore, you’ll be fulfilled with amazing scenaries and locations…

Turin is a very romantic and elegant city.

Large and precious squares alternate with small and characteristic sceneries that tell about the very poetic soul of this gorgeous Goddess of many faces.

Immagine yourself being immerse into the slices of the city rich in beauty, splendour, history, joy… and the most interesting places where to have shopping and

Are you immagine the scene?

Perfect, now stop immagining and start creatingyour Shining Shopping & Food Tour in Turin with your Star Guide.

If we were you we could take advance of the Limited Valentine Edition and Book Now a Unique Gift for your Love.

NB:  Cecilia would be happy to assist you with any tourism question over your Tourinese Holidays.

NB2: Some shops will be glad to offer you special discounts, since you are joining this experience. Nice, isn’t it?

(Theme 1) Open Markets & Artisanal Shops

Morning Tour.
Includes a luxury breakfast and a beautiful lunch, placed between having shopping.

(Theme 2) Luxury Shopping & Niche Boutiques

Afternoon/Evening Tour.
Includes refined sweet afternoon snacks (chocolate, pralines, pastries...) and a luxury aperitif (cocktail or wine and mini cold and warm dishes).

(Theme 3) Artisanal Shops & Luxury Shops

A balance combination of the best shops in Turin (cheese&wines shops, chocolate boutiques, souvenir shops, luxury shopping mall...)

Where to Meet

Are you staying in the centre of Turin? Your Personal Shopper will pick you up at your hotel or apartment.
If Not!? We'll provide you instructions for getting to the starting point of the tour.

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